Engineer's Motto...

It costs many times
more to fix a
do-it-cheap mistake
than to do it right
the first time
Why buy a new home from Bri Pro?
Will I have to pay more for your High Quality home?
As an Engineer for over 25 years, I have been delivering
quality made products in a wide range of industries.  Now
I apply my training and experience to building new homes.
My goal as General Contractor is to hire subcontractors
with the same commitment to outstanding workmanship
as I have.  
Our construction team is made up from the best of the
Capital District, who are proud to stand behind their work.

That is why I can promise you a well built house
...with no short cuts taken.
Expect the Best, when you buy from Bri Pro.
No.  I must compete with other builders, so my houses
will be priced in the same range as theirs.  
Any extra costs I incur for doing a better job are not
passed on to my customers.
Hiring subcontractors who do excellent work is my
insurance policy against problems in the future.  
The price of Quality proves worth it in the long run.
...where QUALITY is BUILT IN.
Let's Build One for You
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Bri Pro Builders
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New Frame
New Neighbors
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Bri Pro Builders
Why make so much effort if no one will see it?
Quality shows...and you will see it.  People have just
been getting used to accepting less, and paying more.
Our Team's philosophy is to give the Customer more
Value for the money.
The result is many years of trouble free enjoyment in
your Bri Pro home.
Why is Quality so important to you?
I personally hand over the home I build, to my Customer.
For my entire Professional career, I have done what it
takes to deliver the best product possible.

                     So, Why wait....
                                                Let us build one for you.
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