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Q:Why won't Bri Pro hire the lowest bidder, the big builders do it?
A:If you force someone to work to a low-ball price, they will find a way to make
a profit...usually by leaving something out.
Bri Pro pays the price of doing a good job,..that way, people are proud to stand
behind their work!

Q:Why would a large builder risk the problems that come with paying the
lowest possible price?
A:If a large developer saves $1000 on each house, that is $50,000 on fifty
houses.  If he spends $10,000 fixing the
obvious mistakes, he just made
In reality, they cut-out over $1000 per house, and build more than 50 houses.

Q:Doesn't the buyer benefit from the better prices a large builder can force from
his subcontractors?
A:Large builders sell their houses for the same price as their competition,
but they have higher profits,...that's why they're rich.

Q:Isn't it common for big companies to cut their costs to increase their profits?
A:Yes, that is why many small companies deliver a better product.
Bri Pro will not compromise Quality to make more profit.  That policy is
disrespectful to the Customer, and would damage our reputation.

Q:Won't a buyer sue a large developer when he does not fix a problem house?
A:Big company owners are legally protected by the "corporate shield" and their
lawyers on retainer.  An individual home owner is usually worn down by the
high cost of legal fees involved with a law suit.
Bri Pro's subcontractors do high Quality work, which avoids legal problems in
the future.

Q:Do high Quality subcontractors always cost more?
A:No. Most are price competitive. Quality workmanship earns them repeat
customers.  That is why many of Bri Pro's subcontractors have been in business
for over 20 years.

Q:There are so many out there, how do you pick the best subcontractors?
A:Experience, research, recommendations...connections made by being a
business insider.  Many excellent subcontractors are not available to the
general public.
It's Bri Pro's job to hire the Best, ...that's what we do.

Q:A General Contractor hires a lot of people to build a house, how do you get
them all to do a good job?
A:The General Contractor is also the Team Leader, and his attitude sets the
standard for all work to be done.  If the Leader only cares about profits, the
whole team follows that path, and Quality will suffer.
The Bri Pro Team believes the Customer deserves a job well done.  
As Team Leader, I demand good work from people who want to do good work.

A Quality Driven team builds a Bri Pro home.
                         That's why you buy
Bri Pro.